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Jul 24, 2013

Weeks One Through Eight

According to websites I am on week eight of being knocked up.  I do have longer cycles on average, so things might change as they go along, but for now this is how it's being dated.

Jul 15, 2013

Seven Weeks: Day One

According to the app I've been using for preggers stuff, I am currently at seven weeks, day one (so the first day of week seven).  If you're curious about the app, it's "BabyBump".  I've seen a lot of other apps people use, that look pretty good, and I'm not too sure I want to stick with this one.  It has some info for each day/week but things like "What to Expect" and apps like that have some more info in them... I think.

Haha, don't mind the "bump" pictures.  The only thing there right now is my own, personal flab.  That's right, I hope you're not expecting some skinny, pretty pregnant lady.  I'm a bigger girl who hates makeup and sometimes wears leggings with dresses - OH NO!

If you have any app recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Jul 13, 2013

A Little Questionaire

How far along?  Six weeks, six days!
Total weight gain/loss: Nothing really, yet.  Sometimes I'm kind of bloated... haha.
Maternity clothes? Nah, but my mom picked me up some extra large comfy shirts to hang out in.
Stretch marks? I had some from rapid weight loss/gain back in the day.  But no new ones.
Sleep: I'm not tired at night, but sleepy all day.  Boo!
Best moment this week: Ryan baking some chocolate chip cookies...
Have you told family and friends: Close family and a few close friends, but that's it so far.
Movement: Nada, it's way too early for that.
Food cravings: Potato chips, hummus, crab meat, an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Going too long without snacking.  Also ranch dressing with breakfast.
Have you started to show yet: Nope, just chubby still.
Leakage: Um, no.
Gender prediction: I'd like to have a girl, if only to see Ryan freak out since he grew up with all boys and knows NOTHING about girls.
Labor Signs: Sheesh, I hope not!
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? I don't like wearing rings, so it's rarely ever on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :) but don't get between me and my food.
Weekly Wisdom: Try to make 'em silent and not deadly.
Milestones: First blood test!

And there we go!

Who do you think it will look like, me or Ryan?



OK, I think it's sunk in!

I'm going to be a mom!  Ryan's going to be a dad!  How bizarre is that!?  We're still early on, so I haven't had the first ultrasound or anything like that.  In fact all I've done is have the blood test, and I'm dragging my feet on scheduling the first ultrasound because, well, I'm still a bit in shock.

Jul 6, 2013

A Reason For My Absence

I'm sorry I haven't said much on here the last few days, but I have a very good reason!

That's right!  We're officially knocked up!