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Jul 24, 2013

Weeks One Through Eight

According to websites I am on week eight of being knocked up.  I do have longer cycles on average, so things might change as they go along, but for now this is how it's being dated.

Week One:  May 27th, period week.  No one is happy.

Week Two: Period's over, I am happy but not actually pregnant yet.

Week Three: See week two.

Week Four: Again, see the last two weeks.

Week Five: Getting bored, yet?

Week Six: Halfway through this week I began to feel odd.  I was agitated, bloated and just a bit nauseous.  I couldn't stop cleaning and ended up cleaning the entire house.  On July 2nd I decided to take a test, and to my shock and awe, it was a positive!

Week Seven: Still bloated, still nauseous.  I went to my regular doctor and had a blood test done.  "Yup, you sure are pregnant!"  That was more for Ryan than myself, because he doesn't believe home tests no matter how many times I explained them.

Week Eight: This week!  Still bloated, still nauseous.  Maybe a little dizzy sometimes.  Thirsty like it is NOBODY'S business.  I called the local hospital to schedule my first ultrasound appointment, which is happening this Monday!

I have taken three "bump" pictures for the last three weeks, but lets face it, they don't look any different.  In the future, I will probably post ACTUAL bump pictures, but there's no point in being all "OMG here's my flat belly".  Because it's not.  It's not flat at all.  I'm a tubby mom to be and there's no problem with that.  Hopefully not being a make-up wearing, stick thin pregnant lady will be OK with the world, but I honestly don't care.  It's who I am, and it's not like I'm going to crash diet while pregnant.  That's... it's just stupid.  It's never a good idea.

Things I will be doing while pregnant:
Eating savory foods
Lamenting the sudden and inexplicable loss of my sweet tooth
Trying to hide my bump from my boss until I'm ready to tell him (it's cool, he doesn't like fat people and will probably just think I'm becoming more of a fatty)
Swimming as much as possible
Having acne on my scalp.  HOW FUN IS THAT!?
No, really, it's on my scalp
Wearing the awesome maternity clothes my mom got me (I will share those in a later post)
Rearranging the rooms in my house
Rearranging them again
Scavenging local thrift shops for vintage (and just plain cute) baby clothes

I can't wait to share the first ultrasound picture with you guys.  But until then, here is me as a kiddo:

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