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Feb 27, 2013

Dreaming of Sun

This (Last) Week in Instagram

I'll post big pictures this time, because I like them.  So there.

The snow.

Oh Dear: Some Things I Want

My computer is dying and I don't have the cash to get a new one right now.  That's why there haven't been any updates.  I've been trying to upload my weekly vlog on Youtube for a while but my computer dies at 34-36% each time.  Boo!  Boo, I say!

So until further notice, I'll be using computers that aren't mine for posts, which means they might be a bit more sparse.  Oh well!  Rather than just have a little blurb of text for an entry, I thought I'd start a new recurring post in which I share things I want but can't or shouldn't buy for now (shouldn't, haha).

It Came From My Amazon Wishlist:

Fujifilm 16102240 Instax Mini 50S Camera

I'd love to have an instant camera!  Playing with the Polaroid camera was a joy when I was a kiddo, and it would be wonderful to re-live that feeling.  Also cameras are awesome: the more the merrier!

Feb 23, 2013

Absolutely Soaking Wet!

Raining Money

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Because Life Is Too Short

To not dress up your pets. I have an extensive history of dressing up my pets, beginning with my kitty Scooter Pie who was all mine and no one else's. Besides my guniea pig Comet, who I brought home from the pet store at four years old (me, not her), Scooter was the first pet who was all mine. I picked him out at the shelter - no one else. So I put him in a dress and he loved the attention. I also put him in a onesie one time, but that's harder to do with a cat. No tail hole. He took a tour of all my doll clothes while my doll was shoved into the window seat, never to be seen again.
After Scooter came Ed, and she wore even more clothes!  She didn't love it as much, but she didn't have much of a choice until she was big enough to make her displeasure known.  We didn't dress her up much after that.
For some reason I never felt the need to dress Fry up.  I should have - it would have been adorable!  Zoso, however, has many costumes and clothing.  He doesn't like it much, but he'll do just about anything (everything)  for a treat.
That leaves us with Arthur and Ford.  Of course I dress them up.  Sometimes I even get matchy outfits for them!  Ford will put up with anything.  Arthur goes to his happy place and sits frozen on the floor until I take the clothes off him.

So I've compiled a list of pets in clothes photos for your viewing pleasure - since it clearly wasn't for their pleasure:

Oh... and we dressed Menush up, too.

What I Wore Today

Weekend Excitement

No, I'm not talking about the snow.  I'm talking about the fact I'm taking my husband to see one of his favorite bands!

We're going to see The Who!!

Not only that, but I got a deal using Living Social so we saved some cash that way.  I can't wait to see them!  I know it's not the same as it would have been years ago, but this is the best we can do.

 Marine Wife Home and Life

Feb 18, 2013

Abbeh Show Episode 6

Savers Sale Haul!

The Art On My Walls

Watch the video to take a virtual tour of our wall art and other decorations.  Whee!

The Things We Find Inside

Feb 17, 2013

Feb 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Means WORK!

Marine Wife Home and Life

My weekends are Sunday-Monday and I work on Saturdays, so they've kind of lost their excitement.  Friday nights are especially dull and TGIF no longer holds meaning for me.  But sometimes Saturdays are great.  Last Saturday we slept in because the whole of New England came to a screeching halt because of the snow.  It was almost three feet of snow!  The last time I remember that much in one storm was third grade.  That time there was ice on top of the snow and we had fun sliding up and down the drifts until I got the bright idea to "surf" the ice and ended up breaking my lip open.  That hurt!  But the snow was still pretty fun.
Ryan has been working through every weekend lately, so he has even less excitement when Friday rolls around.  At least his weekend work days tend to be shorter - and he brings Zoso to work with him on weekends, so he isn't stuck at home with a bunch of cats.

Speaking of pets, did you know Petco had cute little Valentine jester outfits?  Did you know they're super cheap right now?  Oh yes.

Ford puts up with just about any outfit.  He's an easy-going cat.