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The Weirdos

Hello folks, I'm your weirdo blogger Abby!
I was born in Boston and grew up nearby.  My parents are awesome and sent me and my siblings to some great schools in the area.  After graduating high school I went down to Virginia for my freshman year at Mary Washington University, but I didn't take well to being so far from Boston.  After freshman year, I transferred to Suffolk University here in my backyard.  It was a great school and I graduated in no time!  The school even gave me a job after I graduated - how nice is that!?  I worked there for about a year before moving on to a job at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (that's a mouth full).  It was a pretty great place to work, but after a year there, Ryan and I were buying a house out in central Massachusetts and the commute became too much.  Since moving out here, I've worked a few jobs and settled in as an apprentice at a local shop.  Now we're trying to start a family, but I think you already knew that...

This is my sexy counterpart: Ryan.  He was born and raised in central Massachusetts, along with his three brothers (I know, how crazy must that be!?).  After high school he got himself a place at Wentworth in Boston, working a few jobs to pay his way through graduation with a degree in electro-mechanical engineering.  Because he's a damn smarty-pants.  He also eventually got a job near our home where he does really awesome super secret (and sometimes not so secret) prototype stuff.  One of my favorite projects he's worked on was building a crate for military dogs that was strong enough to stand on, collapsed flat, and had a controllable internal environment (heated, cooled, safe from toxic gas, etc).  Like I said, he's incredibly smart.  He's nervous, but reluctantly excited to jump into fatherhood.

Ed: my pretty pretty princess.  She's been with me since she was 5 weeks old.  Now, nearly eight years later, we're still buddies.  She's seen me at my best and worst, and I can't wait for her to be a buddy to my own kid!  She's definitely our prettiest pet.

Then we have Zoso, who is going to be nine this year, I think.  We rescued him in 2008, so he was already an old soul, but everyone still mistakes him for a puppy since he is a tiny beagle.  He's been through a lot in his life, most of which we'll never know the details about, but we do our best to keep him happy and comfortable.  I hope he sees our future kid as a best friend. 

Arthur... Arthur Arthur Arthur.  You so crazy, Arthur.  He's our physically and mentally retarded kitty with a heart of gold.  He wouldn't even know how to hurt a fly.  Sometimes he smells bad, but no one can stay angry at him, because he doesn't understand anger.  Oh, Arthur...

Ford is Arthur's more competent brother.  He's loud and kind of a jerk, but I love him.  He and his bro were rescued from a blocked in window in some New Jersey building.  They both have messed up tails (Arthur: none.  Ford: half a tail) and when I agreed to take both, the rescuers cried because they were so happy these two brothers wouldn't be split up.

Raider is our quietest and cheapest pet.  Her interests include: eating mice, pooping, shedding and peering out at us once in a while.  She's also a big fan of warm armpits and the insides of recliners.

Lastly there are the fish.  There's a lot of them and sometimes one dies, sometimes one's bought and sometimes a few are born.  Currently we have one baby fish big enough to cruise around the tank with the big ones.

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1 comment:

Philip said...

Poppy would have liked your mad gif of your pets. She loved to make gifs and loved her animals, Trinnie (like your cat), Ollie, Connie and Lola.

Thank you for your sweet thought earlier in the year. x