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Feb 27, 2013

Oh Dear: Some Things I Want

My computer is dying and I don't have the cash to get a new one right now.  That's why there haven't been any updates.  I've been trying to upload my weekly vlog on Youtube for a while but my computer dies at 34-36% each time.  Boo!  Boo, I say!

So until further notice, I'll be using computers that aren't mine for posts, which means they might be a bit more sparse.  Oh well!  Rather than just have a little blurb of text for an entry, I thought I'd start a new recurring post in which I share things I want but can't or shouldn't buy for now (shouldn't, haha).

It Came From My Amazon Wishlist:

Fujifilm 16102240 Instax Mini 50S Camera

I'd love to have an instant camera!  Playing with the Polaroid camera was a joy when I was a kiddo, and it would be wonderful to re-live that feeling.  Also cameras are awesome: the more the merrier!

The Qatsi Trilogy

These movies are gorgeous and I'd love to watch them, however the version on Amazon Prime I tried to watch was poor quality and basically un-watchable because of it.

Moon Gazing Hares Glass Top Ouija Board
I just think this is gorgeous and it reminds me a lot of Watership Down.  My sister and I would watch that movie every week growing up, so we're kind of messed up.  But it's still beautiful.

Turquoise Enamel Shrimp Lobster Stud Earrings

How cute are these!?  I'm all about unusual jewelry - I should share some of mine in a post at some point.  But really, these are super cute.

OK, that was "Things I Want This Week" I hope you liked it!
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