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Feb 23, 2013

Because Life Is Too Short

To not dress up your pets. I have an extensive history of dressing up my pets, beginning with my kitty Scooter Pie who was all mine and no one else's. Besides my guniea pig Comet, who I brought home from the pet store at four years old (me, not her), Scooter was the first pet who was all mine. I picked him out at the shelter - no one else. So I put him in a dress and he loved the attention. I also put him in a onesie one time, but that's harder to do with a cat. No tail hole. He took a tour of all my doll clothes while my doll was shoved into the window seat, never to be seen again.
After Scooter came Ed, and she wore even more clothes!  She didn't love it as much, but she didn't have much of a choice until she was big enough to make her displeasure known.  We didn't dress her up much after that.
For some reason I never felt the need to dress Fry up.  I should have - it would have been adorable!  Zoso, however, has many costumes and clothing.  He doesn't like it much, but he'll do just about anything (everything)  for a treat.
That leaves us with Arthur and Ford.  Of course I dress them up.  Sometimes I even get matchy outfits for them!  Ford will put up with anything.  Arthur goes to his happy place and sits frozen on the floor until I take the clothes off him.

So I've compiled a list of pets in clothes photos for your viewing pleasure - since it clearly wasn't for their pleasure:

Oh... and we dressed Menush up, too.

I don't think she liked it.

Nor did she care for this outfit.

But I think she knew how adorable she looked.

Ed grew out of her baby clothes very quickly.

Sometimes we dressed her in less fancy outfits.

Sometimes she was a dragon.

And sometimes a damsel in distress.

Sometimes she was Wonder Woman.

And sometimes she was... this.

I just don't know.

Sometimes we went all-out trying to make a statement.

This outfit says "my owner is going to die tonight".

She put up with stuff on her head.

So we put some more stuff.

The book might have been too much.

Sympathizing with that poor cat in the mirror.

Getting her ballerina on.

Thug life.

This is a... thing.

"Please take it off."

Her best disguise.

She didn't seem to mind this shirt at all.

Dressing up via webcam.

Oh god, Ed!  What happened to your face?

An un-willing elf with bonus cat chew marks on the collar.  Thanks, Ed.

This was her punishment.

"Get out of my way!  This is my road!"

Sad Santa Dog

And a sad chicken.

"I wont stand for this injustice!"

"Why does this always happen to me?"

Oh wait, I did dress Fry up.


Zoso wouldn't stand for it.

And this is the thanks he got.

Fry wasn't a big fan of constricting things.

He wasn't as amused as we were.

Adorable Christmas sweaters!


Our Christmas card that year.

And then there were these goobers.

Ed's shirt is too big.

This one fit better.


The world's saddest giraffe.


Good look for Zoso.

Not so much for Ford.



Mrs. Claws.

His *girlfriend*.

Ford was too big for the Who shirt.

But it fit Arthur just fine.






Our little devil!

Sassy Ford.

I got Zoso this great sweater.

And the first thing he did was...

Roll in something really, really stinky.

Bag Ford

Bag Arthur

Bag Zoso

Jester Ford

Jester Zoso

Jester Arthur

Jester Ed

Maybe someday I'll dress up the snake.

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