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Feb 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Means WORK!

Marine Wife Home and Life

My weekends are Sunday-Monday and I work on Saturdays, so they've kind of lost their excitement.  Friday nights are especially dull and TGIF no longer holds meaning for me.  But sometimes Saturdays are great.  Last Saturday we slept in because the whole of New England came to a screeching halt because of the snow.  It was almost three feet of snow!  The last time I remember that much in one storm was third grade.  That time there was ice on top of the snow and we had fun sliding up and down the drifts until I got the bright idea to "surf" the ice and ended up breaking my lip open.  That hurt!  But the snow was still pretty fun.
Ryan has been working through every weekend lately, so he has even less excitement when Friday rolls around.  At least his weekend work days tend to be shorter - and he brings Zoso to work with him on weekends, so he isn't stuck at home with a bunch of cats.

Speaking of pets, did you know Petco had cute little Valentine jester outfits?  Did you know they're super cheap right now?  Oh yes.

Ford puts up with just about any outfit.  He's an easy-going cat.

Arthur goes to his happy place.

Zoso pretends to be cool and calm.

And he was happy to have company in his misery.

Arthur just sort of shut down at this point and was frozen in horror.

Ed's a pretty pretty princess.

The sight of Ed in a bright jingly outfit terrified Arthur.

She decided playing was more fun than fighting the jingly outfit.

But she didn't take any crap from Zoso!

And he was sad.

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