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Oct 5, 2013

Life, Lately

 Across the street from a friend's new home (we helped on moving day).

Kitty meeting her new home.

Deeply concerned by all the movement.

More stressful than packing/unpacking: where do we put all these boxes!?

Ryan enjoying a beer at the end of moving day.  No chairs unpacked yet...

She's not the most polite cat.

Lined up at the mall.

Local blooms.

Playing with our friend's kitten.

Ryan likes his new pillow.

And I loooove my new bag!

Arthur has mastered blue steel.


The light from the front door always looks lovely on a Monday morning.

Hell yes Game of Thrones.

Arthur, again.

More local pretties.

Some very sophisticated graffiti.

Belly rubbz.

Graceful creature.

Seriously, Zoso is such a weirdo.

Hangin' at work.

Some friends of ours gave us this giant lizard toy.  Ryan was not terribly thrilled.

The weather is changing.  Winter is coming.

Pretty local rose bush.

I just like posing this guy around the house...

Zoso had a nasty UTI and had to sleep and cuddle a lot to recover.  He's feeling much better, now.

Fall colors coming out!

Zoso is not wowed by the fall colors.

And the locals are hanging out just about every day... (turkeys).
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