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Aug 6, 2013


You know what sometimes feels like crap?  Being pregnant.  You know what makes it 100% worse?  Having a miserable head cold while pregnant.  I blame Ryan for this indignity.

So I don't have anything big to report.  I'm going in on Thursday for another appointment, maybe another ultrasound but I'm not completely sure of that.  Hopefully my cold will be mostly better by then, because I don't want the appointment postponed again!  And hopefully they'll tell me I don't need the progesterone anymore, because I really don't like taking it...

Anyway, here are some pictures that have happened lately, because I can't make a coherently themed post:

No apple crumble for you, Zoso.

Cruising on the Essex River.

Being haunted by kitties when it's almost their dinner time.

OMG yes.  It had a real strawberry filling.

I just like this building.  A lot.

Ford is a very... casual lounger.

Passed out.

I decided to do some "cleaning" and this is what happened.

Out and about with my mom.

She took me here for some ice cream while we were shopping for maternity clothes.


A swamp near my work.  For some reason I really like swamps.

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