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May 4, 2013


Tensions are running high at the house right now.

 Ryan is away for a bit, so it's up to me to handle all the animals.  Zoso is missing the person he actually likes and took it out on my poor hand.  Not only did he bite, but then he held on and squeezed about five more times until the skin around my nail burst and started bleeding.  If you've never been bitten by a dog before, I envy you.  Zoso and I had a very tumultuous relationship when we first adopted him.  I feel like he's always liked Ryan and always resented the fact that Ryan clearly cares for me.  During the first two years of dog-ownership, Zoso bit me about five or six times. It was mostly my hands (I've been a cat person my whole life, so I was a bit slow to pick up on his grumpiness and how not to handle a dog) but a few times on my foot.  Luckily all those times were with shoes.
But we had gone a good two or so years without any biting, until last night.  It's partly my fault.  He had grabbed one of the cat toys and was trying to break it.  I don't know why he likes cat toys so much more than dog toys, but I told him to stop and went to grab the toy.  The stress of the last few days probably drove him to a breaking point, which left me with a bloody thumb.  I am glad he went for the left hand and not the right!  I can still type and do MOST things ok.  Tuns out your non-dominant thumb is important for bra clasps and pants buttons.  Also opening cans of cat food has become rather... difficult.
Zoso immediately punished himself in his crate, so I let him stay in there for about an hour before going for our normal night time walk.  He was back to normal after sitting in his crate.
I do worry, sometimes.  He's never been anything but wonderful with our friend's kids and young relatives.  I think he growled at my niece once when she yanked on his ear.  I'd probably growl, too.
I'm not going to report Zoso for biting.  Putting him to sleep isn't the answer.  It's not even in the realm of possibility.  Everyone in this little family has some sort of emotional problem, and we just have to work with it.  I will be much more diligent with training (we had relaxed it a lot after his bout of pancreatitis in the winter).  I just hope this doesn't get infected because I don't want to go to the doctor.  On the plus side I got my tetanus booster in the fall, and Zoso just got his rabies and other whatnot shots.  I'm mostly just bruised and swollen with a tiiiiny scratch.  Oh well, I guess I wont use my left hand much for the next few days.  Hopefully it heals quickly.
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