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May 4, 2013

In Other News, A Hike

We took Zoso back to that hiking area last Sunday.  This time with ten times more ticks!  Ew.

Zoso is such a rebel.

Happy Old Dog

Wings on my sneakers.

The most pointless stairs.

Life Springs

The Most Perfect Day


The Long Way Home

It was the easiest path.

New Trees

A Man and his Beagle

Trailing Behind

Finding Our Path

Lost in the Silence

Welcome to the Forrest Floor


Pond Skimmers Paradise

Steeple Chases

I've missed you so much.

First Breath of Spring

A Tiny Nest

Winter Scars

What could lurk over a steep hill.

The Faerie's House

Alone in a Crowd

The ducks just took off.

A bubbling zen brook.

You find a strange stream in the woods.


Lost in the Woods

A Nasty Storm

Judging From Above

The King of the Mountain

Happy Hiker

A Good Old Dog

As you can see, Zoso is thrilled when he's with Ryan.

Also, I don't know if you realize it, but...



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