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May 8, 2013

Nana's Hats

My great grandma (Nana) was a pretty cool lady.

She had a pretty cool style, even if I didn't see it at the time.  I was just a kiddo when she passed away, and I'm sorry to say, I never got to know her that well.  We were all really lucky to have her in our lives, and our house, for so many years, though.

She's gone, now, but she left behind a few things so we can get to know her.  She left behind photos, antiques and, best of all, hats and bags!  My mother recently gave them to me to sell in my store.  I'll probably keep one or two hats and I do want to keep one of the bags, but I'll share them all here with you in hopes you can get to know my Nana, too.

I love the colors on this hat!  Also the little jewels are lovely.

This blue hat is so pretty and soft, but time hasn't been kind to the netting.  I wish I knew how to properly take care of these.

This is one of the two hats I want to keep.  The colors are great, and sequins are fabulous!

I think this one is pretty cool, but it's just not me.  It also needs some cleaning on the sequins.

This is probably the other one I'm going to keep, but it's a tie with the next one.  This can't really be worn any more, though, because the fabric has become brittle over time.

This is the other option, but again, it's not very "me".  Also Ed loves to eat netting, so I'd rather have this go to a safer environment.

This hat has suffered the most from its age.  I think it's made of cheaper materials, and it seems to be warped to a point it can't be reshaped.  But the little bow is so pretty!

This cute little bag has a pink lining.  I don't know if my Nana made it, or if she bought it, but it's pretty cute.  There's no tag on it.

Such a pretty bag - I love the embroidery!

I'm torn between this and the next bag.  Maybe I'll just have to keep both?  Don't tell mom!

The beads on this are beautiful, and it hasn't aged at all!  It's in perfect shape and feels like it will last forever. I love it!

I wore this hat all afternoon, because it's that awesome.

If anyone has interest in any of the hats or bags, and wants to discuss a price before they go into my Etsy store, please contact me at donrufie@gmail.com
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