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Apr 5, 2013

Adventure Day

So I realized that it's Flashback Friday not Throwback Thursday.  Oops!  And rather than dub this "Adventure Friday" I know I'll forget what day to do what on.  Thus this is just Adventure Day!  (fist-bump)

Today's adventure is pulled all the way from the year 2000!  For spring break that year (I was a sophomore in high school) my parents were the best people ever and helped me go on a trip to France with a bunch of other girls from my school!  How lucky was I!?  It was an amazing trip and I'm just sad that digital cameras weren't really a thing back then because I would love to have 100x as many pictures.  Oh well.

 Peeking up the Eiffel's dress.

Yours truly at Chambord Castle.

Chambord, again.

A random street in Paris.

View from a cafe in Paris.

Storks at a water park outside of Paris.

Back to Chambord because I can't be bothered to put these in the right order.

Chambord, again.

Still there.

The gorgeous gardens at Chambord.

A little cottage on the gorgeous gardens at Chambord.

Black geese in the moat.  I wish I had a moat.

Gargoyle detail at the castle.

I guess we took a lot of pictures at Chambord.  Look how super un-stylish and American I look.

The Loire river from the Amboise castle.

OMG Chambord, you had your chance.

A fancy door - I can't recall where it's from.

A detail of a castle - it's been 13 years since I was there so I can't recall which this was.

The whole group walking down a very fancy path.

Another Loire view from the Amboise castle.

Amboise on the banks of the Loire.

Amboise castle itself - I'm so glad we got to be there in the spring.


For the life of me I can't remember where this was.

Some fancy interior decorating in a castle.

Medusa, maybe?

Notre Dame, I belive.

Amboise - I think that building in the back was our school.

Downtown Amboise where we picked up touristy junk to bring home.  Their touristy junk is 100% classier than ours.

Notre Dame?

Fountain in Paris.

This could be Cheverny.

Notre Dame?



Nice, guys.

The largest balloon in the world!  It doesn't look that big.

The group in Paris.

Oh man, they had awesome chocolate.

A restaurant we ate in.


Streets of Paris.

Pretty decent food.

Food with no pork.

This was outside our tiny hotel.  They gave us directions via the short, fat, green Storm Trooper.


Taking pictures in Paris.

Monet, I think.

We ate here, too.

Yours truly outside Le Saint Thomas.

On the steps up to L'Opera.

The school we went to in Amboise.

Who would have thought I'd need a ticket to go up the tower.  The top deck was closed at the time because of the wind storms.

Statue in Paris.

The group outside Notre Dame.

Spooky Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, again.

And a little more Notre Dame.  The rose window.

Chilling outside Versailles.

He'll never get ahead in life.

Notre Dame.

Still more.

I just couldn't get enough of that place.

Boobs at Versailles.

Arc De Triomphe at night.

Napolean's Obelisk?  I can't remember.

My bed in Paris.

Arc De Triomphe again.

Posing at the Louvre.

Snack bar at Versailles.

Versailles is enormous.

No really, it's HUGE.


Back to Versailles.  Inside, this time.

Now we're outside.

Now we're relaxing again.

Part of the group at the boobs.

Those boobs are with a frog.


Ferris wheel in Paris - so much fun!

A statue in ... the Louvre maybe?

Versailles, again.

Gates of Versailles.

All of us at the tower!

Now just the tower.

Bridge by the tower.

View from the tower.


Some more.

OK, that's enough.

Well there you have it.  These aren't ALL the pictures, but the best ones I think.  Maybe I'll scan the rest one of these days.

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