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Feb 14, 2013

Thursday Exploration

We weren't rich growing up.  We didn't have the kind of money my classmates had, but we did ok.  They spent the summer traveling Africa and Asia, but we had our own adventures.  I may be a bit of a homebody, but at the same time I love to go somewhere new - somewhere I can just wander off and explore.
The money's not always there for a full-blown vacation, but if you have feet (or any other mode of moving your body) it's not hard to do.  Sometimes the best adventures are in your backyard.
So I thought I'd do a weekly post showing pictures of a place I've explored - maybe even one I explored that week!  But this week will showcase a place I went to a while ago: Abaco.

What adventure is complete without sampling local deliciousness?

Our traveling companions.

Have you ever had a beach all to yourself?

Colorful (or lack there-of) locals.

Delicious fresh coconuts!

I miss you, Junkanoo!

Local watering hole.

I wish I worked for Antiquities Corp.

Blue holes are wonderful things.  We swam for hours.

Sometimes it was hard to win the trust of the locals.

We were lucky to have family to stay with!

Ja mon.

I think this sign was unnecessary on an island made of beaches.

The weather was perfect all week.

We drove across the island.

And we found more beaches!

Don't do what I did.  Don't smash a coconut on your sister.

Each beach was prettier than the last!

We'll have to visit the family again, soon.

I don't think they've ever had a bad day.

Getting the hairy eyeball from a lizard.

The flowers are gorgeous year round.

And they're EVERYWHERE.

I'd trade dreary New England colors for this brightness any day.

Can't get enough of those flowers.

This dog showed up to hang with us on the beach.

Some of my relatives live here.  If only we could all be so lucky.

Getting ready to fish!

He just wanted to play.

Finding buried treasure.

Adorable little footprints.

Getting some lunch together (barracuda).

Lets go find some conch!

I ate one of those.

Helping find some lunch!

Getting the stare-down from your soon-to-be lunch.

Lets find more conch!

A challenger appears.

Some more pool-side decor.

A long day of playing in the water.

Another day, another delicious lunch.

We had imperfect weather for about two hours.

Another new-found friend.

Literally the most delicious food I've ever put in my mouth - and it was a fried fish head.

Squishy little froggy butt.

I love that green - it's so pretty.

The vineyard.

The breakfast (avocado).

The dessert (sugar apple).

That is my Abaco exploration.  I hope more people get the chance to experience this amazing island!  And I hope I get to experience it again, soon.
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