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Dec 15, 2014

Welcome, Ada Violet (photos!)

I already posted this one, but I love this picture and don't look have as exhausted as I felt!

Ryan getting a chance to feed his new little girl.  We were supplementing because a) I wasn't able to get any milk/colostrum out yet and b) she had jaundice and needed supplementing to get over it.

Ryan's mom getting to hold her first grandchild :)

Fresh from the nursery.  They had to check her blood sugar (perfect) and take her for occasional light therapy to help with the jaundice.

Mr. Engineer had to fix the blinds (he was bored).

I need to know how they got her so quiet!  Some sort of magical swaddling perhaps...

Two days in the hospital and we're home!  Laying in her bassinet for the first time.


Home, but still jaundiced.  It took three more days but she got the all clear by the end of the week.

Ryan took the rest of the week off, so we had some nice (somewhat) quiet mornings.

The pets were all pretty curious.

Except Zoso.  He'd rather not be near a baby, but he wanted to be near Ryan, and also in the sun...

"It's making noise..."

Punching her aunt in the face :)

Getting to know the nursery (and changing pad).

Still a little yellow (or is it the outfit?)

Sudden rave!

Wave your arms!


Now clean my butt!

Getting artsy.



Kissy face!

Fussy face!

Peaceful face.


With her grandma again!

With our friend.

Ryan feeding her again :)

Food coma.

With her grandpa (Ryan's dad).

Our friends :)

First snow!

The snow suit is hilariously big on her...

And that's Ada's first week!

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