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Jun 6, 2014


I know I should post more often than I do, but I'm still tip-toeing around all this.  We have told all the family and friends, and also the bosses, so that's out of the way at least!  And my next doctor's appointment isn't until July 1st, which will hopefully reveal whether it's a boy, a girl, or somewhere in between.
So anyway, here are some recent pictures and stuff!

 Strange cancer awareness thingy down town.

Zoso don't care.

Zoso and my parent's dog Winnie meet!

Winnie is so freakin' cute.

Zoso is pretty cute, too, for an old man.

Snooze fest.

Arthur always looks like he's dealing with some sort of paralysis issue...

The day my co-worker left the AC on high all night... I WAS COLD.  Also the heater was broken so it took forever to warm up in the office.

Gimme your food!

Roll this way?

Or maybe that way?  (huge belly alert)

Belly rubs in mom and dad's back yard.

It's always nice to have grandma over :)

Mom and dad ignoring me taking a picture of them...

Winnie begging for bits of steak.

Rachel just before yelling at me for taking a picture...

More belly rubs and silly faces.

By this point I was out of hamburger and Winnie no longer wanted anything to do with me.

It was a bit chilly a few mornings in late May.

"Look at it.  Go ahead.  I dare you."

Snaggle-toothed grin.

I think he was more upset that I took a picture so now everyone can see his beagle shame.

Piggy at Firefly's.


The river that parallels my street.

Crossin' the bridge on a nice day.

I just woke her up.



These last two were taken on different days.  As you can see, this is pretty much his default position.

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