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Sep 9, 2013

Well, All the Bills Are In

Now that we have received all the hospital bills, we know the full crappy extent of our health insurance.  We've been paying for the family plan (because we've been trying to start a family) since last July, and it's at least 3x what our individual insurances were together.  So this has been coming out of my husband's paycheck every month.  And because it's a family plan (well, actually because his boss picked this plan) the deductible is $2000.

You read that right.  Two THOUSAND dollars on top of $3-400 a month just to have the pleasure of pretending we have some sort of helpful insurance.  And now I get the bills for both appointments at the OBGYN offices and the D&C.  So lets break this shit down, because it's offensive and horrible:

Owed to AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology:
New PT office visit: $20 copay
Treatment missed abortion 1st trimester: $595.43

Owed to BWPO-SG9 (dept of radiology):
Ultrasound, trans-vaginal: $106.91

Owed to Emerson Hospital:
Lab work (1st appt): $54.83
Operating room
IV solutions
"supplies" wtf
Lab work (again? why?)
Drugs with detail codes (different from pharmacy AND IV solutions?): $104.83

How nice of the hospital and OB clinic to bill me separately for the same thing.  HOW NICE INDEED.  I know some people will think it weird and sharing too much to share this crap, but I don't care.  I find the whole insurance scam in the US offensive.  It just goes to show that only rich people matter in this country.  The only people who can afford insurance don't actually need it, and the people who really need insurance can't afford the crap coverage they get.  Looks like folks are getting homemade presents for Christmas this year.

Want to know the best part?  Our deductible is $2000 a year, which means if I get pregnant again and give birth next year, we'll be paying for most of that, too.  Maybe now I can talk about home birth with Ryan, ha!
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