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Sep 4, 2013

Canobie Lake Paaaark!

I visited the park with some MEN.  On the left: sexy Ryan.  On the right: our french friend Jordan who has been REALLY WORKING OUT since we last saw him.

Going up the Ferris wheel...

Tried to take a picture of myself - the camera did not want to focus on me.

Seriously, Jordan, you were just a kid the last time we saw you!

Terribly exciting Ferris wheel...

It did have a good view of the park and the lake, as one would expect.

And it was pretty tall!

But really quite slow.

And after the first time around, it wasn't a very exciting view.

Oh look, some trees.

Jordan, again.

Ryan in his cool shades (they are cool because I picked them).

The train didn't quite... come out right.

One of the coasters.

Getting ready for Halloween with some weird sculptures.

Even a centaur!

And a... this thing.

I took pictures of the coaster while they rode it.  I don't have much of a tolerance for going upside-down.

More Halloween decorations.

Forget Sharknado - the next big movie will be: Shark Stand!

Little water park.

Entry to little water park.

More pictures of the little water park.

And that coaster again.

Something I've always loved about the park was the birds.  They used to let them roam free, but now they're in a cage in a quieter part of the park.

So pretty :)

Everyone needs a good preening.

One of the original rides!

This is a blast from my childhood.

Flume!  Aw yiss!

I don't think he knows I took this picture...

Some sort of caterpillar ride thingy.

This was fun, and the decor was nice, but I don't think Davinci would be a big fan.


Hi bear!  You are cute!  I'm going to take pictures of you instead of going on that crazy looking ride.

Ryan and Jordan went on it, though.

That's right, you're a crazy man.

Michael Jackson for some reason.

Giant popcorn, because.

Apparently I forgot to take pictures of 90% of the park, but I guess we were too busy having fun!
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