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Jun 14, 2013

Recent Instagrams and Photos

Fresh flowers on the table for brunch.
Ryan and I found a great Sunday brunch spot!  Slaters in Bolton for anyone interested.

First swim at Walden this year :)
And we had our first swim at Walden pond for the year!  I swam around.  Ryan jumped in and jumped right back out again.  He doesn't take well to cold.

My mother took me to a bunch of local book sales for my birthday!

I have given up violin... for BITING!

Good for you, Walter!

A good day yesterday.
Some other books I picked up.

We had at least one nice day for the kitties to sunbathe.

A nice lunch walk.
Some lovely weather during the work week.

The climb.

Beep boop.
Some work doodles.

Personal space?  What's that?
Thanks, Ford...

On the way to my birthday dinner with Ryan's family.  We ate at Feng in Millbury.  Delish!

Out for a drive.

Trying to pretend he doesn't care about the roomba heading his way.

A cold day at Walden pond.
With my mom, this time.


There have been a lot of clouds and LOTS OF RAIN.

Making my own blend of hypocrass for when Liza visits.
My last nutmeg!  :*(

Dear Graze:  thank you for tomorrow's lunch!!

And here are a few non-instagram ones:

Walking around work.

My co-worker has the smaller one, so I took this picture at Barnes and Noble for her.

Detail from an awesome alphabet book!

My current Facebook icon.

I am an adult.

And I can do this if I want to.

We have nowhere to put these, but I NEED THEM.

Cats are weird.

Ford claiming Ryan's shoes...

Some more books I picked up:

(the paperback is for my sister, who loves baseball and is a Red Sox fan)

As you can see, I've been so busy having fun I forgot to update!
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