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May 13, 2013

Last (few) Weeks in Instagram!

Oops, I forgot to post these again!

Snugglefest 2013.


A sunny day in glasses land.

Longing for warmer weather.

Peeking up the skirts.

A butterfly ring came with my lunch.

"What a beautiful dog you have!"  Said no one, ever.


Kind of bright out this morning.


Good morning, Ford.


On the way back from Lowes.

A lovely day for a stroll.

Winding roads.

Out of a moving car.

House envy.

There's a nose in my Erickson's.

Long time no see.

Helloooo lunch!

Hooray grapes!

Did some redecorating.

Ford has gone critical.

Ice wine daffodils.

This weird daffodil grows every year.

Feathery headband.

One big jerk.

Going through the old albums.



Not a morning dog.

He is not pleased.

Rainy day blues.


Celebrating the nice weather.

Yeah it's pretty nice out.

Meet me under the dogwood tree.



A hostile takeover.

He sure is a looker.

Spring rains.

The invasion begins.

Another buddy.

Begging for more chips and blueberries.


"Snuggles" didn't want to sit still.


Aaaand I'm covered in ticks.

This phone has cameras on both sides!

I think he likes the pillow I put there.


Chilly out.

How does your garden grow.

Lots of gardening today.


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