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May 8, 2013

A Kick in the Pants

So I stopped by the Salvation Army store on the way home on Monday, and to my shock and excitement, it was brimming with wonderful things.  I didn't plan on buying things before going in, but I couldn't help myself.  To justify these purchases (some of the clothes didn't even fit me) I made a mental agreement to get my Etsy store up and running again.  For about a year now, it's had the same 30 items in it, and that's just kind of sad.

Step one: take lots of pictures.  That step is finished, and I have to start sorting through the pictures, adding the items and typing in all the info.  But step one is done!

I also want to integrate my blog with my store, so I can hopefully generate some excitement and purchases!  So here is a sneak peek of what will be coming to the store in the next few days:

 I love these mugs, and one has already been promised to my sister.  Only one left!

 The names are hard to read, but the sentiment is oh-so-sweet.

 Too bad his hand is broken, but it's still an, ahem, interesting statue.

I love this cute little purse.  Some beads are missing off the bottom, though.

How great is this necklace?  I looked it up online, and it's a piece of costume jewelry designed to look like a coin from Panama.  Seems like it's from around 1930!


It's like Girl Austin Powers.

This two-piece dress was the priciest one in the bunch, but it's so sweet and so cute and I can hardly stand it!  Again, it's way too small for me.

Some sort of fabulous clown died to bring you this lovely thing!

And a giraffe necktie.  I considered keeping this for Ryan, but I'm pretty sure he'd never wear it...

Also, if you have interest in any of these, and want to discuss a price before it goes into the shop, feel free to message me at donrufie@gmail.com
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