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Apr 12, 2013

Super Secret Spy Stuff

So I wanted to treat myself to something a little crazy, a little ridiculous, and maybe a little expensive.  Sometimes you just have to do a thing, right?  So I did.

Spy Cam

That's right - I got spy glasses!  It's a frame with a fancy schmancy camera in the bridge.  It's also wireless (duh) and just has one button on the side.
I ordered this fabulous gadget from Photojojo, who's website I love exploring.  Not just their store (which is aaaawesome) but also their blog, which tends to have fun tips for photographers.

Nerdy 007

They kindly sent me this 4GB card to go with it, as well as a cute little dinosaur!  I loved the packaging so much, I took the paper off and saved it.

Spy Cam and Dino

So far I haven't had much of a chance to use it.  It got here on Thursday (a week before their estimate!) and it's been dark and rainy, plus I have to work during the day.  I'll try to use it tomorrow!  This is also an excellent opportunity for me to practice putting in (and taking out) my contacts that I never wear.


I also took some time this week to rearrange the kitchen a bit.  The regular coffee maker has been exiled to the top of the fridge, and my little espresso machine has returned to its former glory.  Now I just need to find time to make a tasty drink.

Egg Baby

Check it: I'm trying to grow an avocado tree from seed.  So far not much has happened.  Also I have an egg baby now.  I got it Monday, so it's too soon to tell.


This is the neat-o plant holder I picked up at the Salvation Army.  I just need a good plant to go in there!  I'd like something thoroughly covered in moss.

Terribly Serious

This is the box my new gadget came in.  Ford was very pleased to fit into it.

Anyway, kind of a boring week.  Our bar tender at trivia took pity on my grump face and gave me some super strong chocolate martini's on Thursday.  I've never been so drunk from two drinks!  Good times!  We didn't in, though.

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AfinaSkater said...

Amazing! Grate look, love your cat and have in my blog virtual cat, kisses!

Night Garden Design said...

That planter is gorgeous! Post pics when you get a plant in there.

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Oh, that planter! Amazing!