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Mar 27, 2013


Night Owl Blog

Neither Ryan nor I am particularly religious.  In fact he's very much against the idea.  I imagine being raised Catholic has something to do with that.  My family usually has a nice meal on the fancy china, and my mom would get us a chocolate bunny or something.  When we were kiddos we'd get a basket with a toy, a book and lots of candies.  Those were great days.  I remember the year I got a 101 Dalmation toy!  So cute!
Anyway, Ryan's family has a big Sunday meal, too, which we'll be going to this year.  Much like most holidays, it's an excuse for relatives to gather together and just have a grand ol' time chatting.  I'm not even sure if any of them go to church or not.

When we have our own family, I think I'll revive the Easter basket tradition because it was totally awesome.  I also look forward to egg hunts and coloring.  In fact I might dye some eggs this year because why the hell not, right?

Now here's a picture of me and my siblings getting ready to head out on Easter morning (back when we did go to church).  Sorry about the photo quality - I need to re-scan it one of these days.

Man, that was such an awesome dress.

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