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Aug 6, 2014

Update Thingy!

Update Thingy!
How far along: 24 weeks, 4 days.
Weight gain: 8!  The gaining has officially begun!
Sleep: I don’t get out of bed, but my hips start to hurt after an hour or so, and I have to get up and flip over.
Baby purchases this week: None, actually.  I added a few things to the registry, but besides that we’re trying not to spend too much.
Best moment regarding baby this week: Kick counts :3 she’s active in the morning and then when I’m sitting at Ryan’s computer, lol.
Gender: We got ourselves a little girl!
Movement: Lots of kicks.  I think she kicked some tender spots last night because it hurt.
Food cravings: Nothing specific.  We were walking the dog and a neighbor was baking cookies, so we had to bake some, too…
Food aversions: Chewy meat - chicken and steak mostly.
How’s Mama? Tired, sore, not enjoying the medicine, but anxious in a good way.
Miss anything? Drinks.  Good drinks.  Good, cold, stiff drinks.
What I am looking forward to: Leaving work eventually, a baby (duh!), being able to start the nursery.
Our baby in veggie/fruit terms:  Corn?  The sites say corn.  That’s weird.
Side note: I’m very itchy today, but that could be because we found tons of tick nymphs in Zoso’s bedding this morning D: 
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