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Aug 22, 2014


So don't get me wrong.  I love Etsy.  Always have, always will.  However, there can be a lot of work involved with: taking pictures, writing descriptions, researching prices, uploading everything...  It gets tiring, especially when you have a backlog of STUFF.  So I've decided to try Threadflip!

You may not make as much money with Threadflip (they pick the pricing) but there is a LOT less effort involved, especially if you pick their full service route.  The full service is they send you a pre-labeled package to put stuff in.  You send that package back out, full of stuff.  They get the package, photograph and upload everything to your account, and whatever sells you get 60-80% commission.  So again, not necessarily as much money back as Etsy (though Paypal does love to take their cut...) but worth it in savings.  Especially worth it to me since I have a lot of things left to catalog for my store and not the energy to do it.

So please, check out Threadflip!  If you join, enjoy your free $5 voucher for STUFF!
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