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May 16, 2014

April into May

Cold is gone!  Warm is here!  Also rain, but it is spring, after all.
And another picture update because I'm super uncreative:

 Ed was trying to be cute this morning...

But Arthur is the master of cute.

No, wait, Winnie is! (not my dog, but I kinda wish she was)

Just kidding, Raider is the cutest!

Zoso just looks weird...

We took him out for a hike to celebrate the recently gorgeous weather.

Naturally they didn't want to wait for the slow person...

This dude was hanging out next to the path, at the top of a hill.  Seems like a long way to go for someone who's not much of a climber.

"Draw me like one of your french girls"

No... I'm trying to take a picture of the flower...

We got a new cat tree!  Everyone wanted a piece of it.

Excuse me, Mr. Sexy.

Out for dinner at the Horseshoe Pub.  Love that place!

Yes, something is living under there.  No, you shouldn't antagonize it.


Skunk cabbage returning to the back yard.

And mini violets I think.

And the ever lovely forsythia!


I get animals sleeping on me a lot.

But Ed prefers to sleep on this guy.

No, Arthur, I don't believe you're a calm, quiet cat.  Not for a second.

Breakfast at Babico's cafe.

Love the colors in there.

It must be warm out.  The hardwood floor is now the spot of choice.

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