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Mar 25, 2013

Mundane Monday

It's somewhat dull out there today what with the grey storm clouds and chilly weather.  There's still snow on the ground, though it is melting.  We can see portions of our lawn that haven't been visible since December.  Our fuzzy little house guest is back in her home now, so there's one fewer cats than last week.

There is some good news, though:

First Sign of Spring

Spring is trying to get here, even with the cold weather.

Liza's Mixer

I picked this up for my friend.  Well the whole story is I went out to the Salvation Army and saw that great mixer, so I took a picture of it and put that up on Facebook.   Then I finished my shopping, went home and started lunch at which point I saw a message from my friend begging me to buy it for her.  So I went back to the store and thankfully it was still there!  So now it's in my kitchen, waiting for its home.

Play Bow

Zoso and I played in the back yard for a bit.  He doesn't like hamming it up for the camera, but he'll do it if I ask really nicely.

Go For a Walk!

New Old Books

I also picked up some great vintage children's books (along with these two a copy of the Just So Stories and the Prince and the Pauper) and a lovely vintage Pyrex with gold vines on it.  There was some more Pyrex there - in fact a ton of great stuff - so I imagine some sweet old lady died and her family gave all her stuff away.  It's sad, but then it gave me the chance to get some cool stuff.

I also got two vintage shift dresses, a polyester pull over and a totally wizard 80's bat-sleeve... thing.

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